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Fur Cleaning & Storage Services - STORE YOUR FUR NOW THROUGH JANUARY 2024

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Fur Cleaning & Conditioning

State-of-the-art cleaning facilities with the latest and most specialized technology. All furs are handled by trained and experienced fur quality and service specialists.

• Specialized Fur Cleaning
• Latest and safest product and machine technology
• Fur Conditioning including glazing, combing, and lining prespot cleaning

Fur Storage

High-security cold storage fur vault with humidity and temperature control. The preservation of the longevity of your furs from the weather, parasitic insects, and theft is vital to our fur storage operation.

  • High-security, secure vault with 24/7 surveillance
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Humidity-Controlled
  • Moth fumigation

Best savings when purchasing fur storage and cleaning package special. 

All services offered by Vollbracht Furs are done in house by experienced fur specialists with over 50 years of experience. Your furs will never leave our care unless we explicitly discuss it with you.

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